We have accessories available for converting both long and short shaft versions of the 31cc Ryobi and MTD engines. Both are the same except for crankshaft lengths. The string trimmers that have the built-in centrifugal clutch are the long shaft engines (720R). You just can't buy a better running, longer lasting and less expensive engine.

We also sell completely converted and ready to fly engines that have to be the best buy in town. These converted engines include the motor mount, prop hub, machined flywheel, machined back plate, new gaskets and other parts needed to make engine ready for the firewall of your favorite airplane. All engines have been factory run. The 720FR is a factory reconditioned engine meaning they have been sent back to the factory in Arizona and checked out by them.

MTD engines are good long lasting engines with two ball bearings and two needle rod bearings with a chrome cylinder bore and a pumper type carburetor. They are easy starting fuel-efficient engines.

Engines and conversion kits do not include mufflers. Prices are as follows. *

CLICK on the underlined BLUE LETTERING to see a close-up picture of the item.

Factory reconditioned converted engine 720FR $178.00

 Add $15.00 S&H for engines

JAG Custom 360 deg. Round Muffler CMUFF $42.00
Complete conversion kit for long shaft engines 720RKIT $56.00
Complete conversion kit for short shaft engines 700RKIT $62.00
Custom Welded Motor Mount drilled for MTD 102MM $30.00
Threaded prop hub for short shaft MAGNETO engines 700PD $17.00
Prop hub for long shaft MAGNETO engines 720PD $11.00

All Prop Adapters for IGNITION engines include the Magnet

Prop hub for long shaft IGNITION 1/16" Keyway PAL16 $40.00
Prop hub for short shaft IGNITION 1/16" Keyway PAS16 $40.00
Prop hub for long shaft IGNITION 1/8" Keyway PAL8 $40.00
Prop hub for short shaft IGNITION 1/8" Keyway PAS8 $40.00
Carb spacer, turned aluminum 135CS $ 6.00
Aluminum turned prop washer 109PS $ 3.50
Motor mount screws 4 each 10-24x5/8 allen head 112MM $ 1.00
Prop drive bolt for short shaft engines 115DB $ 1.00
Fancy Prop Nut for Longshaft only FPN $25.00
Flywheel machine work (your flywheel) FWM $15.00 Send your Flywheel
Backplate rework (your back plate) BPV $17.00 Send your Backplate
Add $10.00 for shipping and handling for parts to US Residents.  Complete engines $15.00.  

International Shipping extra.

California Residents add 7.75% State Sales Tax

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